We are your
Next Gen

We help you create memorable experiences for your users using the best technology-based services for #CX.

Digital Services

We combine all our experience and the best available technologies
to create new digital products specialized in the customer experience.


Employee Experience and Performance Platform with Speech Analytics

It is our platform focused on the experience of the collaborator. It is conversational, smart and self-managed, itallows to organize and focus the KPI’s of the business and the culture of the company through a specific Management Model.

This platform allows a clearer and more informed vision of the day-to-day operations in order to take precise, effective and fast actions.

Advanced Speech &Text Analytics

CX Insights and
data analytics platform

Our Advanced Speech Analytics solution allows you to process and analyze audios and texts of your customers’ conversations. We identify patterns and categories, extract insights from different behaviors and actions, such as feelings, experiences, claim management and sales, and use them to design solutions that enhance the relationship with your customers.


Chatbot with
Artificial Intelligence

Our chatbot connects our artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with the entire CX experience to offer a unique, close and solution-oriented assistance in all the digital channels of your company.

With the aim of automating the process and without losing sight of quality, we offer an excellent service together with a specialized team to guarantee the best user experience in all stages of the process.

Touch VR

Smart and Visual
Self-Management Menu

It is a digital service supported by all smartphones which allows to offer a visual menu of options, helping the customer to self-manage without going through the contact center. This service facilitates the migration of customers from the phone channel to the digital channel, with direct savings in operating costs.

Touch VR makes it easier for the customer to get assistance, with immediate 24x7x365 solution-oriented service.

Engagement Services

For 17 years we have been strategic partners of large companies managing their voice and user experience on all analogue and digital channels.

Customer Care

Management of conversations
and customer relations

The experience is not a unique moment. It is what happens at every point of contact throughout the relationship. For 16 years we have been strategic partners of large companies managing their voice and user experience on all analogue and digital channels through our Customer Care service.

Our collaborators are specially trained to create experiences that increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue for the companies that trust us.

Social Media

Management of corporate
digital channels

Social media and instant messaging have become the preferred channel for many customers today. We help you create and manage your digital space and brand, reinventing customer interactions and developing a progressive social media strategy that aligns your brand needs with your customers’preferences.

Sales Support

Administration and management of
offline and online sales channels

We connect the salesperson and the buyer so as to achieve a great experience in all channels, improving assistance and revenueswith the best technologies and automation processes.

A centralized management of each customer’s information allows us to track each one of them, manage order-taking through phone calls, or in your digital channels and provide a highly satisfactory purchase or sales experience, with excellent results and increased conversion rate.

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